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Up until about 9 months ago, he wasn't even wiping his own bottom after going to the bathroom.

He also has a hard time making his own decisions or answering easy questions in school because he is so very insecure without his Dad.

Have you found it difficult to form intimate relationships?

You may want to take this quiz to see if you have been affected by having an alcoholic parent.

Keep in mind that these experiences, although common in adult children of alcoholics, can represent the outcome of a variety of developmental issues.

I Seek Out Men Who Are Cruel and Cold I seek out relationships with men that make me feel inadequate, that leave me lonely, that are cruel and cold.

I constantly feel alone and unloved, like something is wrong with me.

-- Trying All the intimate relationships that I've had with men have been with someone who is addicted or needs "saving." I believe that I have viewed this as my only sense of worth in a relationship and that if I am successful at "saving" someone then I will feel vindicated and prove to myself that I am lovable after all.

They find it difficult to allow themselves to look to others for interdependence, emotional attachment or fulfillment of their needs.

I find him getting his emotional needs met by his 8 year old son.

Which is disturbing and beyond frustrating for me - and it's causing developmental issues with his son....he's 8 and cannot take a shower by himself, tie his shoes, make a sandwich, pick his clothes or perform any other seemingly normal activities.

I try not to be critical, but I have to admit calling him on it on more than one occasion.

This typically results in denial, misplaced blame and anger. My bf will go through horrific mood swings...minute he's happy and laughing and enjoying minute he's having violent tantrums where he acts more like a 5 year old than he does a 48 year old.

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